Ask The Career Coach

Questions for this addition of Ask The Career Coach.

1) How can I dodge an interview question?

2) What interview questions are job candidates consistently least prepared to answer?

3) What should you say to an interviewer if your are late?

Ask The Career Coach

I answer three questions that are important for job seekers:

1) What to do when you are "overqualified" for a job

2) Mistakes made by recent college graduates in their job search

3) Why do companies not provide feedback?

Which font is best for a resume?

With the advent of the personal computer and the proliferation of font types, job seekers have to not only worry about the content of their resume but also how it looks...what “vibe” do they want to give to the reader. Are they a serious type or more creative? A traditionalist or more modern? With so many font choices, it can be confusing.

14 categories of people to network with on LinkedIn

Networking may seem hard on LinkedIn, but it really isn’t. LinkedIn is set up to facilitate networking among business professionals. Networking is one of the strategies I encourage all job seekers to use to find opportunities. As you increase your exposure on the platform and develop relationships, it is easier to be noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Ask The Career Coach

In this addition of Ask The Career Coach:

1) When asked “What qualities/skills do you bring to the table that is different than the other applicants of this position?” What is the employer trying to determine? Or what is the underlying question here?

2) How does a thank you letter assist a candidate in landing employment post interview?

3) Why didn't the recruiter get back to me after the interview? The interview was great, and she said she will get back to me the afternoon or the day after. It's already been the second day, should I send her an email or would tomorrow be better?