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14 categories of people to network with on LinkedIn

Networking may seem hard on LinkedIn, but it really isn’t. LinkedIn is set up to facilitate networking among business professionals. Networking is one of the strategies I encourage all job seekers to use to find opportunities. As you increase your exposure on the platform and develop relationships, it is easier to be noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Networking For Introverts

If you are introverted, the thought of going to a networking event may fill you full of dread. As an introvert myself, I can tell you that it can get easier.  As I was helping my introvert child prepare for a networking event, we talked about some strategies to make the evening go better. After coming back from the event, he said that it went much better than he would have thought. He talked to a few people and seemed to enjoy himself. Success! 

Here are some suggestions I have to make a networking event productive and less intimidating:

Why Network?

Many people feel that the way to success in a job search is playing a game of numbers. Submit as many applications as possible to companies and hope that one will do the trick. For some this may work. But for the vast majority of people, solely relying on this method will lead to a very long job search.