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Which font is best for a resume?

With the advent of the personal computer and the proliferation of font types, job seekers have to not only worry about the content of their resume but also how it looks...what “vibe” do they want to give to the reader. Are they a serious type or more creative? A traditionalist or more modern? With so many font choices, it can be confusing.

Applicant Tracking System and Keywords: What You Need to Know

The advent of Applicant Tracking Systems has made the administrative burden for Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals easier. It has also made the ability for job seekers to apply to positions much easier. That means that Human Resource departments have been inundated with applications of people marginally or even totally unqualified for a given position. Because of this, many ATS purveyors have added screening features that individual companies have enabled in their hiring process.

Resume Length: What Is The deal?

If you look on the internet, you will see a lot of conflicting advice about the length of your resume. Some will say keep it to one page. Others will say two is fine and yet others will say whatever it takes to record your work history. I am in the camp of no more than two pages, please!