Is This My Dream Job?

You have just finished interviewing for a position that seems like a good fit for your interests. You felt good about the job interview.  You know that the people that you spoke with are probably on their best behavior, so you are not sure if you are getting a true picture of the company. How do you determine if the job and the company are the real deal?

Applicant Tracking System and Keywords: What You Need to Know

The advent of Applicant Tracking Systems has made the administrative burden for Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals easier. It has also made the ability for job seekers to apply to positions much easier. That means that Human Resource departments have been inundated with applications of people marginally or even totally unqualified for a given position. Because of this, many ATS purveyors have added screening features that individual companies have enabled in their hiring process.

Why Leave Money On The Table? Negotiate On Total Compensation.

You have received an offer of employment. Great! The hard part of the job search has been completed. Don’t let down your guard, though. You have now moved into a very tricky part of the job search which can have an impact for years to come–the compensation negotiation. Not negotiating starting salary, especially early in your career, could cost you an estimated  one million dollars over your working life. That is significant money! Raises on top of a higher base and bonuses based on a percentage of a higher base salary can significantly increase your earnings.