Moving and Need A New Job? 6 Steps For Success

When you start looking, potential employers will want to have a date from you as to when you would be available to start. If you cannot give them one, it makes the decision to bring you on much harder for the employer, as you have added a level of risk that most employers do not want to take on. Without a specific date when you will be settled and available for work, the employer cannot do their labor planning appropriately.

Are Thank You Notes After An Interview Necessary?

As a career coach, I look at a thank you note as one piece of your marketing package (including your resume, portfolio, etc.). You want to market yourself in a positive way to the hiring team. Your thank you note is often the last interaction people in the hiring team may have with you. I would encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Job Interview

Hiring managers are looking for relevant experience, sure, but they are also looking at a candidate’s fit with the team, management, and the company culture. If any of those things feel “off” during the interview, the candidate will have a hard time convincing the hiring team that his/her skills can overcome their reservations.